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24 Hour Blood Pressure (BP) Monitor

Ambulatory BP monitoring involves measuring blood pressure at regular intervals over a 24 hour period while patients undergo normal daily activities, including sleep. The portable monitor is worn on a belt around the waist and is connected to a standard cuff on the upper arm. An oscillometric technique is used to detect systolic, diastolic, mean blood pressure and heart rate for the monitoring period. When complete the device is downloaded to a computer to allow for analysis and interpretation by the Cardiologist.


It is recommended that you shower prior to your appointment as you will be unable to during the testing period. It is encouraged that you go about your normal daily activities, so that the blood pressure readings will be a true representation of your typical daily routine. Please bring along a list of the names and dosages of all medications for the cardiac technician to go through with you.


A height and weight will be acquired before the monitor is attached. A cardiac technician will take a number of manual blood pressure readings on both your arms prior to attaching the 24 hour monitor. The cuff will then be positioned on your upper arm with the monitor being worn on a belt. The technician will start the monitor and ensure it is functioning correctly.

The cuff will inflate every 30 minutes during the day and every 45 minutes during the nocturnal hours (10:00 pm till 07:00am). To ensure the monitor takes quick and accurate measurements we advise you to keep your arm straight and relaxed each time the cuff inflates. The cuff will feel tight during inflation, but be assured this is normal. If you feel any pain or discomfort after you leave our clinic please do not hesitate to call us. A diary to record your activities or any symptoms that you may experience (dizziness, palpitations etc.) will be provided to you.
You will be required to return the next day to have the monitor removed.

Test Duration

Allow approximately 30 minutes to have the monitor attached and 15 minutes on the following day to have the monitor detached.

Medicare Rebate Available

There is no Medicare rebate for a 24 hour blood pressure monitor.


Our Cardiologists will review the collected data and a report will be generated. Your results are sent directly to your referring doctor, usually within 3 working days. The data obtained is digitally stored to enable precise comparisons should you require future tests.
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Locations where this test is available:

  • Greenslopes Private Hospital Clinic
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • St Vincent’s Medical Centre – Toowoomba

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